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Organic Tomato Pasta Sauce with Courgettes

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Weight: 314ml

The tomato sauce with courgettes is made from tomatoes that grow and ripen in the sun on the slopes of Rignano Garganico, a few kilometers from the Gargano National Park in Puglia. The soils naturally rich and fertile clay. The variety of tomatoes used is the round 'Delfo' type.

The tomatoes, harvested in July, August and September, are processed in a day to preserve flavours, scents and nutritional properties. The fresh basil is hand-cut and added to the sauce, releasing a fresh and unique scent. The product is then brought to high temperatures, bottled and pasteurized to ensure its stability over time.

This sauce is ready to eat. Just add to pasta for a quick, healthy and tasty meal.


Tomato purée (35.2%), tomato pulp (35.2%), courgettes (20%), extra virgin olive oil (4%), onion, salt, wine vinegar. May contain traces of sulphites.

Our Producer

Prima Bio

Surrounded by the fertile lands of the Gargano area of Puglia, Prima Bio was established in 1998 by the Terrenzio family in collaboration with other farms of the territory who also cultivate according to the organic method.
Their products are made exclusively with organic raw materials that they harvest, select and process each day. From the field to the processing they follow an attentive manufacturing process that does not alter the taste of their fertile land. 

Prima Bio's products are 100% organic and grown according to nature without any synthetic chemical substances or contaminants. Their farms are fed with renewable energies, generated by photovoltaic fields.